MyrtleKay Has Something to Say, Karen Gerson Duncan

MyrtleKay Has Something to Say

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Be different. Be unique. But what if people don't accept you for being YOU?

MyrtleKay Has Something to Say is a sweet story about a young sea turtle and her best friend, a whale shark named Marge. When she and her friend are bullied for looking different from one another, it's up to MyrtleKay to stand up to the bully and show her that friends can be friends, no matter what size.

This book teaches kids:

  • Not to judge others
  • How lack of acceptance can appear in the real world
  • To stand up for yourself and others
  • How friendship is about sticking together no matter what others say

After reading this book, you will be able to speak to children about topics like acceptance, bullying, and never judging others by how they look. With colorful illustrations and a vibrant, strong-willed MyrtleKay, children will be inspired to be like the little sea turtle and "love all, love many, and hold your friends close."

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