Marine Life Rescue Project Dolphin Rescue Plush
Marine Life Rescue Project Dolphin Info Card
Marine Life Rescue Project Dolphin Info Card

Dolphin Rescue Plush

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Now you can create your own story of rescue, rehab, and release with your own rescue plush patient! Designed with education and discovery in mind, this rescue plush will appeal to parents and children alike looking to get involved in saving our oceans and marine life. 

Proceeds from the purchase of Rescue Plush are donated to support the Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute and their Marine Life Rescue Project. To learn more, you can visit the Marine Life Rescue Project here

  • Adorable 10″ rescue Dolphin plush
  • Realistic Authentic Rescue Stretcher with pocket and Velcro closure
  • Rescue Species Identification Card
  • Enter your code to access the official Rescue Portal on the CMARI website to enter the exciting world of marine life rescue
  • All components sourced ethically from sustainable materials
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