BHI Conservancy Coffee for a Cause
BHI Conservancy Coffee for a Cause
BHI Conservancy Coffee for a Cause, Salty Sea Turtle
BHI Conservancy Coffee for a Cause, Happy Hatchling
BHI Conservancy Coffee for a Cause, Dig the Dark

Coffee for a Cause

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By purchasing this Coffee not only are you fueling yourself but you are fueling our Sea Turtle Protection Program. These fresh whole beans can save the life of a Sea Turtle. Each label was uniquely created by our Retail Intern and all of the proceeds benefit the BHI Conservancy. Our Sea Turtle Protection team is designed to be sure that each mother safely lays her nest and each hatchling makes it to the ocean.

Salty Turtle, Sea Salt Caramel Mocha's rich chocolate, sweet caramel, and sea salt flavors make it a must for any coffee lover.

Happy Hatchling Coastal Blend is a medium roast with a good body.

Dig the Dark is a dark, bold roast perfect for when you have to kick it into high gear with a strong caffeine kick. This roast was inspired by our sea turtle teams who spend their summers working from sunset to sunrise. 

Bald Head Coffee is packaged as whole bean coffee to ensure optimal freshness in a resealable bag. Our 100% select arabica beans are slow-roasted right here in North Carolina! 

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