Share the Love this February!

Our Sea Turtle Protection Team needs new red light equipment for sea turtle season. Share your love with BHI's sea turtles by donating online and writing "Share the Love" in the comments. This will ensure your donation goes toward our Sea Turtle Protection Team's equipment needs.

Conservancy staff recently attended a Lighting Workshop at the North Carolina Sea Turtle Meeting and learned that placing “red filters”, i.e., cellophane, stickers, & filter caps, over white light does not have the same effect on sea turtles’ eyes as it does on the human eye. It must be true red light from red LED’s producing light between 580 -700 nanometers, to be considered a turtle safe light.

"It is important to use red light while on the beach as it helps ensure that sea turtles can carry out their natural behaviors while we are in their natural habitat, the beach. By using red light, we can play a role in preserving and protecting these vulnerable creatures, ensuring their survival for future generations." -Paul Hillbrand, Sea Turtle Biologist"

The first 15 people to donate over $100 will receive a free canvas sea turtle tote bag made by our friends at Loggerhead Apparel Company in SC.