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Atlantic -  The contrasting rush of cool crisp ocean air, felt advancing on the shore during a hot summer day. An exhilarating surge of salty waves soothing your body from the sun’s glowing rays. The perfect balance of calm and thrill. 10 ounce. Aloe juice infused. Pretty glass container.

Boardwalk - Music and lights come alive as you stroll down the sun-drenched boardwalk, admiring the exciting games and inhaling the sweet scent of vanilla ice cream and warm sandalwood. Sulfate & Paraben Free. 10 ounce.

Changing Tide - There’s something so rhythmic about the tide coming and going. Subtle ripples of the ocean dance along the shoreline, painting patterns in the sand. Serene, earthy and clean with hints of lemon, rosemary, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, and vetiver. Sulfate & Paraben Free. 10 ounce.