Flippy Floppy Ocean Animals

Flippy Floppy Ocean Animals

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Board book with flaps, young children will be filled with delight as they discover the hidden ocean animals and many more along the way.

Another delightful book in the Flippy Floppy series – books with overlapping flaps, hidden pictures and surprises! Lift each flap in turn and discover something unexpected! Readers have fun and enhance their pre-reading skills as they reveal the different sea creatures!

Series: Flippy Floppy
Some of the animals are hiding, and there’s only one way to find them: flip each series of overlapping flaps in turn. Each reveals one animal at a time, but there’s a surprise at the end of every sequence when you discover something unexpected!

Age 3-6
Size 10 1/4 x 7 1/4
Pages 10
Series Flippy Floppy
Author Anton Poitier

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