Bimini Shark OFF Band
Bimini Shark OFF Band
Bimini Shark OFF Band
Bimini Shark OFF Band

Bimini Shark OFF Band

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Summer brings the return of time spent at the beach soaking up the sun, playing in the sand, and swimming in the ocean. This also brings a number of concerns to protect against--sunscreen to protect against the sun and water shoes to protect the feet from cuts and bumps. But what about one of the top concerns of spending time in the water? Although the chance of getting bitten by a shark is super low, the fear of a shark bite often keeps people out of the ocean. 

Shark OFF® shark deterrent empowers you and your family to enjoy the beauty of the ocean without fearing what lies in the dark depths beneath. Ready to wear and NON-magnetic, these adjustable shark repellent bands are must-haves for any beach vacation! 

Over a dozen years of science recognized by NOAA! Harmless to humans, sharks, and all marine life. Shark OFF ocean safety bands deter sharks and rays using an active element to work against sharks’ amazing senses to keep them away effectively, harmlessly, and naturally. WORKS UP TO A METER AWAY! We suggest wearing two, one on your ankle and one on your opposite wrist. If you only have one, wear it on your ankle - 70% of bites happen on the lower extremities.

  • Handmade of strong 550 paracord.
  • Features an adjustable velcro strap: Adjust the strap to fit your ankle or wrist, leaving an extra 1/2" for easy on/off, and trim the rest. 
  • Care instructions: Your Shark OFF works by dissolving and will continue to dissolve while it is in water. Once you are finished wearing your band, rinse with clear water and pat dry. Store in a dry location. 

10% of every purchase of Shark OFF’s beach jewelry surfing accessories help support non-profits cleaning up the Pacific Garbage Patch in our oceans and further research to save sharks.

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