2020 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Gift giving season is upon us! And with COVID still hanging around like that one holiday guest that never seems to leave, staying at home and limiting errand running is our new norm. Retail shops, including Turtle Central, are starting to prep for a busier online shopping season than we've ever experienced in years past. 

We have monitored news reports, spoke with our retail colleagues, and reviewed current trends--they all point to increased online sales. With that increase means shipping carriers will be even more overwhelmed with shipping needs and deadlines as we inch closer to the end of this crazy year. 

The USPS published their shipping deadlines for all mail on their website in October 2020. Given that we are on an island, we added a few buffer days to our deadline to ensure your package arrives on time. 

Turtle Central 2020 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

  • First-Class Mail Service: December 13
  • Priority Mail Service: December 15

Any order placed after December 15 will still be processed, however we cannot ensure delivery by Christmas. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us

*Update: November 23*

We are already experiencing shipping delays with UPS and USPS. Please keep in mind due to the nature of our special island, there is already a delay of about 2-3 days prior to packages making their way to your home. 

As we are now experiencing shipping delays, we want you to know we are monitoring shipping dates and timelines for your packages and may adjust the holiday shipping deadlines as time passes. We thank you for your patience and understanding, knowing that we are not the only ones effected by these delays, but it is part of a much bigger issue across the country. 

Again, if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us