BHI Conservancy Hatchlings Journey Tee

BHI Conservancy Hatchlings Journey Tee

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Display your love for the island's hatchlings with this retro-dyed tee. Featuring a duo-tone dye design, the hatchlings appear to be crawling out of the bottom camel/tan color and headed toward the top aqua/turquoise color--replicating our beautiful beach shades. 

Using BCI ringspun combed cotton that is Fair Trade International Certified, these tees are hand-dyed and printed using specialized processes and techniques that were developed to ease the stress on the environment. Tee colors are created using Garment Direct Dyes, which are composed of organic cotton chemical compounds with 100% dye exhaustion, so all of the dye goes on the shirt. They also use soft, eco-friendly inks are used that create a soft feeling design. 

100% Ringspun Cotton, dyed in the USA

Unisex sizing

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